Studio Policy


Payment of dance fees can be made with a Debit, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card. The studio will also accept three post-dated cheques for each 12-week term. These cheques are to be dated: September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st. A series of nine post-dated monthly cheques will be accepted for students in the Competitive Program. All N.S.F. and returned cheques will have a service charge of $25.00. Please note the $100.00 early bird – extra discount special – is only valid with students who pay for the year in full.

If cancelling classes, the studio must be notified, in writing, at least two weeks prior to the end of the term. There will be no reimbursement for classes not taken. There will be no refunds for missed classes, except where the said class has been cancelled by the studio. The studio will allow make-up classes with the prior approval of the studio during Term 1 and Term 2 only. There will be no refunds for cancelled classes due to severe weather conditions. Please contact the studio when there are severe weather conditions to see if classes have been cancelled. The directors of the studio have the right to combine or cancel classes with less than 5 students.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Children who are not dancing may not be left unsupervised at the studio. Parents must show respect to teachers, staff, students, and other parents at all times. Please notify the studio with any changes to your contact Information: address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. It is now a Town of Vaughan By-Law that there is no smoking permitted anywhere in the studio. Peanut and nut products are not allowed in the studio or in class.

Dancer Code of Conduct

Students must show respect to teachers, parents, and peers at all times. All students must follow the dress code. Students must not chew gum or eat food in class. Water bottles must remain outside the studios in the cubbies. All snacks and food brought to the studio must be nut free. Students must not vandalize dressing room areas or studios. Anyone caught will be responsible for damages. No jewelry is allowed in class. Students leaving money or valuables in the dressing rooms do so at their own risk. Do not bring valuables to the studio. Evolution Dance Studio will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. All students should be aware of good grooming and hygiene.