Modern / Contemporary

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon.”

About The Class
This unique form of dance uses a combination of styles in order to communicate a particular story or emotion. Modern is a free form of dance stemming from the core of the body and often uses improvisation. Contemporary is a collaborative style that includes modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop elements. However, rather than a combination of traditional ballet or jazz steps, this form of dance incorporates new and innovative movements through groundbreaking and often abstract choreography.
Schedules are constantly changing to meet the needs of our dancers. Of course, our full schedule can be accessed online.

Modern / Contemporary dress code

Evolution students must be dressed appropriately for all dance classes. For all classes dancers must have their hair tied securely in a ponytail or bun and off their face.



Canvas piroutettes/ Apolla socks
Beige convertible tights
Black bodysuit


Canvas piroutettes/ Apolla socks
Black shorts
White t-shirt
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