Exceptional students taught by exceptional dancers and teachers. Evolution Dance Studio is more than a dance studio. We are a strong community of passionate educators, dancers, and choreographers. Watching our students grow and evolve in their passion inspires us to be the best role models we can be.

Meet the who's who behind the scenes
Our team is known in the dance industry to be relentless when it comes to elevating budding dancers to the level they want to be. They stop at nothing to ensure that students feel valued and important. Our team is a huge part of our success. Thank you team!
Cathy Cultraro
Founder and Director
Nicole Cultraro
Director BSc, BEd, OCT, PAA
Natalie Cultraro
Director BA, BEd, OCT, PAA, RAD
Julia Cultraro
Gwen Fleisch
Ballet Teacher
Erin Wu
Ballet Teacher, NBS TTP (Dip.), RAD RTS, ARAD, AISTD (National), PBT Certified
Liana Brancato
Dance Teacher
Victoria Zaya
Dance Teacher
Allexa Schabel
Dance Teacher
Hannah Dawson
Dance Teacher
Victoria Pasqua
Dance Teacher
Delia D’Aguanno
Dance Teacher
Hannah Burg
Dance Teacher
Alessandra Lisi
Dance Teacher

Guest Faculty

Evolution Dance Studio is always looking for new ways to inspire and educate our students. Working with outside choreographers and teachers allows our students to explore new ways of movement and be inspired by the best. The more exposure to different styles of teaching our students have, the more well-rounded, educated, and confident they become. Thank you to all of our guest faculty on the work you have done with our students!
Rebecca Zizek
Flow XS
Tiffany McLachlan
Bizzy Boom
Kim Falconi
Ashley Schofield
Bailey Woodman
Andrew Dragert
Juliana Kelly
David Ung
Tara Pillon
Norma Sutherland
Christina Digiuseppe
Nancy Dinner