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I just wanted to thank all of you for a wonderful experience this week. I know Sydney had a wonderful time and will have lasting memories (and so will Jason and I).

Your dedication to the dancers is very apparent and they are fortunate to have you as teachers!

The Hoffers, EDS Family (July 2013)


I just want to say once again how happy I am that my kids are part of EDS. Such a positive environment with good discipline. Benjamin told me that he loves dance and that if soccer is going to get in the way of dance next year he wants to quit soccer :o

Sharon Laraia, EDS Mom (April, 2013)


I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your phenomenal staff of teachers for a fantastic year! Last night’s recital was a great way to end off such a successful year! The hard work that our girls have put in all season was truly exemplified last night to their family and loved ones.

A famous athlete by the name of Stephen Prefontaine once said: ‘To Give Anything Less Than your Best is to Sacrfice the Gift’….Our girls and teachers illustrated this at the recital…Bravo!

We look forward to another great season with you and your team.

E. Mastromartino, EDS Mom (June 2010)